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eDay Deadline from Revenue

Revenue launched a reminder of the eDay deadline for which central Government, local authorities and State agencies stop issuing and accepting cheques from businesses.

eDay is the 19th September, this year.

eDay is there to encourage SME’s away from using cheques as it is an expensive way of payment for businesses. As stated by Revenue, ’Businesses are migrating away from cheque usage and opting for more efficient payment methods instead. e-Day will move this process along while reducing costs for businesses.’

Revenue’s online payment methods as an alternative to cheques and cash include direct debits, single debit instructions, debit card and credit card.

Business Customers using Cheques

Revenue has advised those that are business customers paying or receiving cheque refunds to be prepared for the eDay Deadline.

Business customers can contact ROS Payment Support Unit at 1890 226 336 to discuss payment solutions with the Revenue Commissioners.

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