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On-Line Banking Security

We have recently become aware of clients who have suffered breaches in their on-line banking system through online hackers/attacks.

These have become more sophisticated in the last few months.

In order to protect yourself and your business we would recommend the following:-

  1. Ensure that two people are required to authorise the creation of a payment beneficiary
  2. All third party payments require a second authorisation
  3. Always check that the payee listed in ‘payments for authorisation’ is known to you.

It may be difficult to know that you are under attack.

Some indications may be

–          Difficulties in logging onto your on-line banking system

–          Your PC is unusually slow

–          You receive a suspicious phone call from someone purporting to be from your bank.

In addition your bank will have useful guides on their web site about how to best protect yourself and your IT systems.

You may also want to consult your own IT providers to ensure that you have the latest virus software, anti-phishing software, firewall protection and that your PC systems is up to date.


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