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Refund Claims Deadline

Revenue has recently launched a reminder for the deadline to claim tax refunds.

They have advised that PAYE taxpayers seeking an income tax refund for 2010 must submit their claim to Revenue by 31st December 2014

PAYE Anytime is the Irish Revenue On-Line Service for employees. This interactive facility offers individuals who pay taxes under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, a quick, secure and cost effective method to manage their taxes online.

Once registered online, you can:

  • View your tax record
  • Claim a wide range of tax credits: Rent Credits etc.
  • Apply for refunds of tax including health expenses
  • Declare additional income
  • Request a review of tax liability for previous years
  • Re-allocate credits between yourself and your spouse
  • Track your correspondence submitted to Revenue

A small number of customers cannot claim a review using the PAYE Anytime such as:

  • Individuals selected by Revenue to complete a Return of Income
  • Customers who are registered for Income Tax and also have income subject to PAYE

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